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Pet Boarding in Englewood, CO

Pet Boarding With Cherrelyn
Animal Hospital

With Cherrelyn Animal Hospital we offer above and beyond care. We are PACFA certified, which monitors and approves our standards ensuring top quality care. Our animals are never boarded together in an effort to limit the risk of fights or other animal-related top-quality, injuries. All animals are required to have current vaccinations compatible with common boarding programs and policies for overall good health and to control/prevent the spread of common or life-threatening diseases. We offer boarding to cats, dogs, and exotic animals.

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Boarding services include:

  • Trained Veterinary Assistants make up our Kennel Technician staff
  • No additional charge for giving medications
  • No additional charge for providing food
  • No additional charge for providing bedding
  • ​Technician exam upon arrival for boarding
  • Boarding is available 365 days a year
  • Dual climate-controlled kennels, cages, and runs
  • Security monitored 24/7
    • Several layers of locks, motion detectors and live video feed
    • Staff available on weekends and holidays
    • Overnight Boarding
    • Daycare Boarding
      • Drop off/Pick up times:
        • Monday-Friday 8-6
        • Saturday 8-12
        • Drop off/Pick up is not available on Sundays or major holidays*
      • Vaccinations required for boarding
    • Examination and vaccinations are available at the time of drop off at regular cost.