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Learn more about the history of Cherrelyn Animal Hospital below!

A Brown Dog
Broadway Feed Store

In 1883 a man named Thomas Dunn built a small feed store on, what is now, the corner of Quincy and Broadway. Across the way, a land developer named James Cherry bought a quarter section of land and began calling the area and its feed store, Cherrelyn.

Trolley Line

During this time, a trolley line ran from South Denver, through what was then Orchard Place until it arrived at the Cherrelyn Horse Car that took them from Broadway and Hampden up the hill to the shopping center at Cherrelyn (Broadway and Quincy).

Horse Car

Uniquely made for the hill leading up to Cherrelyn, the Horse Car was pulled up the hill by one of five horses assigned to the job (Quickstep, Frederick, Curley, Dobbin, and Old Dick). It would make several stops along the way for passengers, and upon arrival at the top, the horse was disconnected, then backed up a ramp and placed onto the trolley. When the shoppers were ready to return home, they would climb aboard the trolley, and the conductor would give them and the horse a push. Gravity did the rest as passengers were whisked back down the hill to Broadway and Hampden. It is said that the trip took 15 minutes to get to the top and only 3 minutes to return back to the bottom.

Road House

As the area began to grow and expand through to Littleton, Orchard Place, and Cherrelyn gained less than stellar reputations. Gamblers living in the area built roadhouses and saloons that brought disreputable women and violence. Eventually, the necessity of a police force to control the area was undeniable. In 1903 the community voted to combine Orchard Place, Cherrelyn, and the area south of Yale and east of the railroads into a single city. They called the city Englewood, which meant “wooded nook.”


In 1905, Dr. Charles A. Bundsen establish a hospital to treat Swedish immigrants with tuberculosis. This hospital is called the Swedish Consumptive Sanatorium and would be the beginning of what is now the Swedish Hospital. Through the years, Swedish Hospital has built a reputation as the leader in the treatment of strokes and is a level 1 trauma center.

Car Parking

After Englewood was officially named a city of Colorado, things moved steadily along in development and the creation of its identity. Throughout The Great Depression and World War II, Englewood banded together to help its citizens and the citizens of the United States. Soup kitchens, victory gardens, salvage scrap metal collections, and war bond sales defined the personality of our great city during this difficult time and created a long-lasting reputation throughout Colorado. Later, city sites, including the Gothic Theatre, Cinderella City, and an impressive 12 neighborhood parks, put Englewood on the map.

Road Paving

Around the time of newly paved roads, industry booms, and vast improvements in the medical field, Cherrelyn Animal Hospital was at its genesis. Built in 1956, with doors opening shortly thereafter in 1957, Cherrelyn Animal Hospital has been a part of this community through the best and worst of times. We have grown and developed with, and because of, our community. With only 4 owners in 60 years, Cherrelyn has easily held fast to the aspirations and ideals of a community based on ingenuity, loyalty, and the American Dream. This city has grown and prospered in unimaginable ways through the hard work and dedication of its residence, and Cherrelyn Animal Hospital has been there, growing right along with it, since 1957.