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Cherrelyn Animal Hospital

60 years ago Cherrelyn Animal Hospital was founded with the idea that we would be “Dedicated to Excellence”. Throughout those 60 years Cherrelyn has been handed down to only three owners (four in total), each of whom has meticulously ensured that the idea of excellence only grew to encompass more and more of who we are and what we do every day.

Every inch that Veterinary Medicine grows, Cherrelyn Animal Hospital grows with it. We embrace new diagnostic testing, treatments, and standards of care as they come and share them with our clients and patients eagerly.

Our doctors and patients enjoy top of the line diagnostic laboratory equipment, exceptional anesthetic standards and protocols, a full and comprehensive pharmacy, and a highly trained professional staff.

Every member of our team is hand picked for their dedication to pet health and client care. We work with our whole hearts for every single one of our patients and we can’t wait to introduce you to our Hospital Family.

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Payment Options

At Cherrelyn Animal Hospital we strive to provide the best medicinal options at the most competitive prices. As such we network with a variety of the top medical suppliers in the country to find exactly what your family needs at an affordable price. We receive regular training, education, and updates from all of these suppliers on the best, most efficient, and overall cost effective options for your needs. We are proud to provide top quality products and services alongside these amazing groups: