Summer Pet Activities Your Pet Will Love

summer pet activities

In last month’s blog, we listed different ways to protect your pet from the summer heat. Now that you have that information stored, it’s time to focus on the fun! As important as it is to keep your pet(s) safe this season, it’s equally important that we keep them stimulated and happy! Are you not sure how to entertain your pet in the coming months? Keep reading to learn some of our favorite summer pet activities!

Go On A Hike

This is one of the simplest yet most fun things to do with your furry companion. Dogs like going on walks, so why not take them on a more exotic one? As long as you keep them on the leash, they should enjoy it just as much as their daily walks. Just be sure to check how intense the trail is before you go, and bring plenty of water! If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you could even try bringing your cat with you. Either see how they react to wearing a harness and leash, or invest in a cat carrier backpack.

Have A Picnic

Sticking with the simple summer pet activities, throwing a picnic together is another great way to get your pet to have fun outdoors. We suggest going to a pet-friendly park and laying a blanket down, but you could even do this in your own yard! Put your pet on a leash, or even let them roam free if they’re well-behaved. Don’t forget to bring plenty of pet-safe food, treats, toys, and water to maximize their experience! 

Bring Your Pet With You On Errands

If you don’t have enough time to plan activities for your pet(s), you should bring them with you on your own outings! More and more places are becoming pet-friendly, and sometimes all the entertainment a pet needs is to just leave the house. Before you take them places, you should do some research to make sure they’re allowed. Additionally, do not bring any untrained pets with you. The last thing you want is to be responsible for your pet making a mess in a public place. 

Summer Pet Activities Are Endless

There are tons of other summer pet activities to partake in that we did not list – use your imagination, and, more importantly, be safe while doing so! Summer should be a time of never ending fun and amusement. Should something ever arise that requires veterinary attention for your pet, be sure to bring them into Cherrelyn Animal Hospital for the best care possible!

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