Science-Backed Reasons To Hug Your Pet Every Day

Science-Backed Reasons To Hug Your Pet Everyday
Science-Backed Reasons To Hug Your Pet Everyday

For those who were unaware, it is actually a proven fact that hugging your pet on a regular basis is healthy for you. It can relieve stress, build your immune system, and provide a better night’s sleep. At times, people can be very busy with their daily lives and they lose track of the things that most matter. So, if you notice your dog smashing their toy into your leg, or your cat refuses to get off your laptop, try not to immediately brush it off as an annoying inconvenience and spare some time to give your furry friend the love and affection they’re craving. Here are some science-backed reasons why you should be hugging your pet everyday.

It Can Improve Your Physical Health

As mentioned previously, it has been proven that hugging your pet has many benefits to your health. Humans and dogs have been around since prehistoric times with both having an innate craving for physical touch. So, when you cuddle with your dog, it can stimulate the brain’s production of Oxytocin which is also known as the “love hormone” in both of you. This hormone is typically associated with feelings of trust and strong bond formation. Oxytocin can also inhibit cortisol production which is beneficial as cortisol (the “stress hormone”) can cause weight gain, reduced immune function, amongst other problems. In addition, cuddling with your pet can lower your heart rate, decrease your blood pressure, and can even stimulate muscle regeneration.

Helps To Relieve Anxiety And Depression

Hugging your pet on a regular basis can also stimulate the release of the neurotransmitters known as dopamine and serotonin, both of which help to relieve depression and can help you feel happier. In fact, the act of holding your pet can be an effective way to combat anxiety as it creates a calming effect to help you focus on the present moment. Given that you may be busy and constantly on the go, you may start to feel guilty about not paying enough attention to your pet. Therefore, by setting aside a few minutes each day to cuddle with them can help you maintain a positive mental balance.

It Also Helps To Stay In Tune With Your Pet’s Health

The daily physical contact you have with your pet can also help you notice right away if something is wrong. While petting your furry friend, you may take notice of any new lumps, unpleasant smells, or areas that seem sensitive or tender. Because your pet cannot verbally tell you that something is wrong with them, it is important to be more in-tune with your pet’s body so that if something isn’t right, you can get them the medical attention they might need.

These are just some of the many reasons why hugging your pet every day can be beneficial to you and your furry friend. Plus, they are a great way to start and end the day to promote positive vibes in the morning and restfulness in the evening. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Cherrelyn Animal Hospital today at (303) 532-1258!

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