How To Prevent Ticks

prevent ticks

Spring is finally here! Now’s the time to go outside and do all sorts of activities with your pets. When people and animals start to come out of their homes, so do ticks. Ticks make everyone’s lives troublesome, and that includes those of our pets. Ticks are ugly, disgusting, and difficult to remove, so they are the last thing any pet owner wants to deal with. If you want to take care of the problem before it ever arises, here are a few ways to prevent ticks from harming your pets:


Lathering your pet with an anti-tick shampoo during their routine bath is a great way to prevent ticks. You can apply it very easily, it’s widely available, and it’s super effective at keeping all sorts of animals tick-free. The catch here is that you should not buy just any tick-repellent shampoo. Some products actually contain toxic chemicals that can bring about serious health concerns with your pets — particularly cats and dogs. You’ll want to call your veterinarian and ask which shampoo they recommend. 


Giving your pet a pill every month is another way to protect them from ticks. Ticks won’t want to take bites out of cats or dogs on proper medication, so you can let your cat outdoors or walk your dog as you please! If you don’t prefer oral medication for your companion, you can use a spot-on treatment instead. Like shampoos, spot-on treatments are applied topically, and you should consult your vet over which one to use. The best part about oral pills and spot-ons is that they can also combat fleas!

Non-Medicinal Methods To Prevent Ticks

If you’d rather not opt for a direct anti-tick application, there are other steps you can take! If you think your property is prone to tick or flea infestations, you should regularly mow your lawn and rake your leaves. The CDC also recommends several measures you can take to detick your yard(s). If all else fails, the last thing left for you to do is keep your pets indoors as long as possible before visiting your vet. You should still take your dogs for walks, and you shouldn’t rush your outdoor cat into exclusively staying inside, but limiting their exposure to tick-infested areas can go a long way.

It’s not an easy task to prevent ticks from biting your furry friend, but it’s not an issue you should take lightly. If you notice a tick bite on your pet, do NOT try to remove it yourself. Tick removal should be left to the professionals, so bring your pet into Cherrelyn Animal Hospital to get that bite taken care of!

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