Pet Positive New Year’s Resolutions For 2023

With the year coming to an end, we start creating our New Year’s resolutions. Sometimes, it can be an anxious event, with unattainable goals. We may lose track of time, or lose motivation to complete our resolutions. However, this will NOT happen with 2023 pet-positive New Year’s resolutions. We all care greatly for our four-legged friends, so it may be easier to include them into your routine. Check out these feasible pet care goals to incorporate into the new year! 

Maintain Your Pet’s Health 

Improvements can always be made to your furry friend’s diet and amount of exercise. This resolution can include monitoring their health, feeding them healthier meals, and frequently walking them outdoors. A healthy pet means a happy one! By maintaining your pet’s well-being, you increase their overall happiness. This can be achieved by incorporating more playtime, trying out new activities, and improving their training. For this pet-positive New Year’s resolution, it is all about ensuring your pet is filled with more joy than last year.

Update ID Info 

There’s a possibility that you have moved homes, changed numbers, or perhaps lost your pet’s ID tag. It is imperative to update this information in case anything bad were to happen. This ensures your furry companion’s safety, in the new year. This task not only entails updating the tag but also their microchip information (read more about why you should consider microchipping your pet).

Throw Out Old Toys 

Your pet’s toy collection can and will get cluttered, especially how often we like to pamper them with new gifts. Make it a part of your New Year’s resolutions to go through all of their toys and get rid of the old ones! Sort through your mass of toys and weed out the old, tattered ones, that carry lots of germs. There’s no need to feel like you’re depriving them of play toys. It is a necessary task, and the holiday season is your chance to buy them brand-new ones! 

Create A Grooming Schedule 

For this pet-positive New Year’s resolution, we are trying to highlight the importance of performing coat upkeep. Grooming reduces the amount of loose fur you find on your clothes and furniture, and helps distribute oils from your pet’s skin to their fur. This leaves them with a brand new shiny coat, ensuring they stay warm for the winter! Along with this, the grooming action can be soothing for your companion and serve as a bonding activity for the new year!

Annual Vet Visits 

Yearly vet visits are critical to your pet’s well-being! They can prevent any health problems from occurring. It is important to recognize these health issues before they get out of hand.  A yearly check-up can only help your pet! Cherrelyn Animal Hospital is just the place to serve your pet. Their experienced veterinarians are prepared for any scenario! Their services include: wellness visits, internal medicine, surgeries, urgent care, minor grooming and much more! Contact us at (303) 532-1258 to help you accomplish these pet-positive New Year’s resolutions. 

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