3 Spring Pet Care Tips

spring pet care

Spring is almost upon us, which means we’re so close to warmer puppy walks! While the change in weather is very exciting, the new season can bring about all sorts of new challenges for your pets. If you want to give your companion the best possible season, keep reading for some spring pet care tips!

Watch For Allergies

Cats and dogs get seasonal allergies, just like we do! Seasonal changes are bound to bother your pet in one way or another, so keep an eye out for incessant scratching and nibbling, frequent sneezing, and visible skin irritation. Possible allergens include pollen, fertilizers, mold spores, etc. Bringing your pet in for an allergy shot is a great way to stave off seasonal allergies, but you can also give them over-the-counter medicine designed for pets if you’re in a pinch. If your pet gets stung by a bee and begins showing signs of an allergic reaction, you should bring them to a veterinarian ASAP.

Don’t Let Them Eat Grass

The grass is getting greener, which makes it all the more appetizing for your pets to eat! Eating a blade or two of grass from time to time is nothing to worry about, but this is something you want to avoid long term. Regular grass eating can be a sign of an upset stomach, as your pet is likely munching on the greenery to relieve their tummy. If you notice your pet is starting to make a habit out of eating grass, take note of everything your pet eats during the day and do some research as to what may be causing stomach issues. No one said spring pet care would be easy!

Take Extra Care With Landscaping

Green lawns and blooming gardens are some of the best parts of spring, but we implore you to keep your pet’s physical well-being in mind. Fertilizers, insecticides, and other garden-enhancing materials can hurt your furry friend’s precious paws, so you’ll want to avoid letting your dog or outdoor cat walk on it too quickly. Many fertilizers have labels that say how long you should wait before letting your pets back on your lawn. We know playing with your pet on the front or back lawn is something to cherish, but their health ultimately comes first!

These are just three of the dozens of spring pet care tips you can take to best care for your pet this season. If any issues should arise with your pet this spring, feel free to bring them into Cherrelyn Animal Hospital at your earliest convenience! 

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