Road Trips With Your Dog

Now that travel is almost normalized again, people are planning time away from home. When planning a longer road trip, there are important factors to consider when ensuring your dogs’ safety along the way. Since 70% of US households own pets, it is important to know how to travel safely on road trips with your dog!

Plan Ahead 

Taking a road trip with your dog can be the easiest way to travel. There are many options available such as taking your dog to hotels, motels, Airbnb’s, etc. However, planning ahead for any mishaps, or additional charges can be helpful. Luckily, there are usually no extra charges for pets at motels or hotels. Of course, It is always better to call or double-check that your vacation spot is pet friendly. Every road trip comes with a few twists and turns, but planning ahead and setting a route for a trip with your furry friend can make the trip run more smoothly! 

Safety on the Road 

If your dog is not used to traveling, take some small trips to allow them to acclimate. If you end each small trip somewhere fun, like a park, your dog will associate a ride in the car with something fun. With many options available for your dogs’ safety in the car, do some research to find out what works best for you. There are many car seat and seat belt varieties out there to purchase, and make sure your dog is as safe as you are in your vehicle.

Monitor Exercise 

When traveling with your furry friend, it is important to keep track of how often they’re exercising! It is crucial for your dog to frequently play outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. Make sure you allow playtime during your rest stops along the trip. Plenty of exercise leads to a healthy and happy dog. Ensure you have plenty of fresh, clean water and treats for your dog to enjoy!

Pack the Essentials 

Make sure you always have a pet-friendly water bottle available in the car for your dog. A travel-safe dog bowl will come in handy if your dog has to eat a meal on-the go, too. A few of your dogs’ favorite toys will come in handy if you encounter long stretches of time in-between stops.

If your dog takes any medication, make sure you bring whatever is necessary. If you have any questions about motion sickness, or any medication your dog is currently taking, always ask your vet before hitting the road, in case your dogs’ health care provider is not easily accessible.

Road Trip Gone Wrong? 

If you face any health scares or urgent questions, you can always reach out to Cherrelyn Animal Hospital! At Cherrelyn Animal Hospital, we are always here for you and your pet. Think ahead, give us a call at 303.532.1258 and we will be happy to schedule an appointment for you. You are also welcome to email us at or visit our website. When faced with a crisis, our team can help ensure your pets safety! We wish everyone safe travels and a successful vacation with your pet! 

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