How To Protect Pets In The Winter

protect pets in the winter

Want to avoid the effects of the upcoming frigid months? So do your pets! They want to stay warm and safe through the cold as much as you do, so it’s important to look out for them this winter. If you’re looking for the best ways to keep your furry friends safe, here are just a few tips to protect pets in the winter!

Keep Them Sheltered

This may go without saying, but the best way to protect your pets this winter is to keep them warm yourself! Keeping your pets indoors with the heat cranked up is the best way to ensure their safety. Safeguarding your pets from Mother Nature is easy if they spend all their time indoors, but what about your outdoorsy companions? They should be fine roaming around in non-freezing temperatures, but you should start to take action when it comes close to the freezing point. The best idea is to bring your loved ones inside, but if you swear that they belong outside no matter what, you should consider building them a small shelter outside. The choice of how to protect pets in the winter is yours in the end!

Wipe Their Paws

There is a slew of harmful substances scattered outside during the winter. Antifreeze, deicers, salt — nothing you want on their precious paws. These substances are toxins that could irritate the padding on your dog’s or cat’s paws, and could even cause serious harm if ingested. That’s why you should always wipe your pets’ paws when they come inside. If you want to go the extra mile, you should consider bathing/cleaning your pets a bit more frequently. It’s very easy for those toxins to get caught in fur, and you don’t want them hurting your little friends or spreading across the house!

Avoid Ice

Think about why you’d be afraid to walk on an icy sidewalk or lake. The dangers of ice pose the same threats to you as they do your pets! They can slip on the ice and injure themselves just like you can, so it’s best to avoid icy patches on the roads and sidewalks. Additionally, you should avoid walking across frozen lakes for obvious reasons. Ice can likely spell disaster for those who tempt it, so it’s best to avoid it altogether to protect pets in the winter!

If you’d like some additional winter care tips, please do not hesitate to contact our office today! Cherrelyn’s team of veterinary professionals can tell you everything you need to know about how to keep your companions safe this winter season. If something should happen to your pet, be sure to bring them into our clinic!

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