3 Things To Do As A New Pet Owner

new pet owner

Many people just became pet owners this holiday season, and to that we say congratulations! We know you’re going to love your new companion. As exciting as this is, it’s important to understand that looking after a pet is a massive undertaking. We understand you may not know what to do if you’re a new pet owner, which is why we’re here to help! Here are a few tips to get started:

Go To The Vet

This tip may sound simplistic, but we cannot stress enough how important it is to bring new pets to a veterinarian. Your local vet’s office is your one stop shop for all your new pet owner essentials — they can give your pets their required shots, neuter/spay them, or even microchip them if you wish. A vet is also a great source of advice, as you can directly consult a field expert over your concerns. Professional veterinarians can do everything for you and more! 

Prepare Your Home

In order to look after your forever pet, you have to prepare their forever home for them! This means getting everything you think your pet may need, and it is better to overprepare than under prepare! There should be no shortage of food, toys, crates/litter boxes, and, most importantly, treats! You should never be short of anything to keep your new pet healthy, comfortable, and happy!

Know Your Limits

As wonderful and loving as pets are, they can prove to be quite stress-inducing, especially with puppies, kittens, and other infantile pets. That’s why, as a new pet owner, you need to limit yourself. You obviously need to give it your all to look after your new furry friend, but you’re still a person with your own needs. Even if it’s for a few minutes, give your pet a treat or a toy to play with while you recollect yourself. If you have to be away from your pet for a prolonged period, you should consider hiring a dog sitter or walker. At the end of the day, having a pet is supposed to be a fun experience — not a dreadful one!

There is more ground to cover for an inquiring new pet owner than just a blog post, so if you need help beyond these three tips, be sure to contact an animal care professional. Thankfully, the team of professionals at Cherrelyn can help you with all of your pet-related concerns! We’re always here to help you and your pet.

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