Meet Our Staff

Jerry Koster DVM

Practice Owner
Head Veterinarian

Laurie Dinsdale, BBM

Practice Owner
Veterinary Technician

Jerry and Laurie have been the proud owners of Cherrelyn Animal Hospital for over 20 years being the 3rd set of owners since it was built in the 1950s. Dr Koster has developed a broad and well practiced variety of surgical, pharmaceutical, therapeutic, and alternative medical procedures in his more than 45 years of Veterinary experience. Offering a full-range of diagnostic, treatment, and overall medical protocols Dr. Koster has refined the science, art, and practice of the finest medicine in the state. Jerry and Laurie have traveled all over the country gaining education and training in some of the most refined advances of Veterinary medicine as well as dedicating much time and study to the oldest and most effective forms of treatment available. The passion and bond within their marriage began in the common interest of Veterinary Medicine over 25 years ago as Laurie was the Lead Veterinary Assistant to Dr. Koster; the two of them have made a wonderful couple as well as a highly effective and knowledgeable medical team ever since. The love and passion they share in the care and treatment for the pets of the Cherrelyn/Englewood community is remarkably well known and has become a standard for the care and treatment for every patient and client.

Our whole lives we have wanted nothing more than to share the knowledge we have in order to help treat patients in need. We desire to serve our patients and clients with excellent medicine, great customer service, and reasonable costs in order to provide the best care possible and build a standard of veterinary treatment that meets and exceeds expectations. We have a lot of fun with our staff, our patients, and our clients; we could not imagine a better way to live life than by serving our patients and clients the way we have for so many years.

Jerry & Laurie
Jason King, RM, B.Sci/Bio., A.Sci. Tami King, RM, B.Sci/Mat.[C.L.] Diamond King, CCB (Certified Cute Baby)

Practice Owner

Jason King has been in the veterinary medical and technology field for over 15 years. Starting out early in life with various animal volunteer positions, shelter organizations, and even a background in foreign/overseas animal care/study, he began an almost instant interest and passion for the care and wellbeing for animals of every kind. With extensive experience in animal medicine and treatment, animal forensic study, and a successful business career/understanding, Jason and Tami King have become the succeeding owners of Cherrelyn Animal Hospital; a wonderful practice with a proven 60-year reputation for providing excellent patient treatment and services. Jason and Tami are high school sweethearts with a slightly different story than most. Tami grew up in Hawaii while Jason lived in Santa Monica, California and later Parker, Colorado. Tami was born on the island of Oahu and spent her life caring for and raising a numerous variety of animals and pets; while Jason, as well, was raised in a family with a fond love of rare and exotic animals (with the occasional dog and cat too). Traveling the world as a teenage-surfer, Jason met Tami in Hawaii and it was love at first sight. The two spent the next several years finishing high school, college, and service missions all while maintaining a fond love for each other and an ever growing interest in animal care, behavior, and medical treatment. Happily married for years, and with the help of their first child, Diamond, Jason and Tami have now devoted their professional lives to the care, treatment, and well-being of thousands of animals statewide.

We hope to build on the already outstanding history of such an amazing practice. It is our desire to serve the community by treating our patients and clients with the best medical care and customer service possible.

Jason & Tami
Ryan Waznik DVM (Dr. Waz)

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Waznik was born and raised in the greater Atlanta, GA area. He attended the University of Georgia for both his Bachelors of Animal Science and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees. Dr. Waznik and his wife, Leah, have always been drawn to the Rockies and the great outdoors and decided to relocate to Parker, CO in July 2020. His professional interests include soft tissue surgery, preventative medicine, and anesthesia. When not caring for your furry friends (or exotics), Dr. Waznik can be found traveling, hiking, skiing, or spending time with his wife, Leah, and daughter, Tatum. They are also big Georgia Bulldog fans and one fun fact is that they have been to every home UGA game for the past 8 years!

Joseph Jones DVM

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Jones joins us after a long and distinguished career throughout California and Colorado. Graduating from Colorado State University (CSU) in 1980, Dr. Jones traveled to California where he would intern and practice from 1980-1985. From 1985 until 2017 Dr. Jones was an owner or partial owner of several clinics until he found his home here at Cherrelyn. We are so proud to call him one of our own!

Favorite Book: Moby Dick by Herman Melville

Dillon Williams

Assistant Director

With 4 years in the Animal Care Field, and over 3 years with Cherrelyn Animal Hospital, Dillon has worked his way up to becoming our Head of Front Office Administrations. When he isn’t busy helping run the hospital, he enjoys spending time outdoors with his dogs, Jasmine and Rin, or indoors watching a couple of good movies with the added help of his cat, Butters.

Favorite Book: Anything by J.R.R. Tolkien

Megan Wall

Kennel Technician

Megan loves animals! Plain and simple, she loves everything about everyone’s animals. In her free time Megan loves spending time with her family, friends, abs her two cats: Lexi and Joey. Her cats love a good movie and can’t get enough cuddle time. Megan loves to watch Disney and animal movies. She loves her work here at Cherrelyn Animal Hospital and hopes to stay with our family for a very long time and learn all she can about to to provide better care and treatment for the animals of our practice.

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