Household Items Your Pet May Be Allergic To

Household Items Your Pet May Be Allergic To

Figuring out your pet’s allergy triggers can be a lengthy process as there are potential allergens everywhere, even in your home. Dogs and cats can be allergic to anything from detergents to houseplants to other animals. While this might seem like a frustrating process, there are some common culprits around the house that you should be aware of, so let’s take a look at some household items that could trigger allergic reactions.

Dust Mites

Dust mite allergies are much more common than most people think. In fact, according to Dr. Ashley Rossman, DVM, CVA, dust mites, pollen, and molds are the three major airborne allergens that pets are susceptible to. Now, every pet will respond differently with varying levels of severity, however, most pets will demonstrate these allergies through their skin. So, you will notice them becoming more itchy with their skin looking red and inflamed. Dust mites can be found anywhere, especially in areas with high dander loads like bedding, mattresses, blankets, and couches. This is why frequent cleaning of these bedding materials will be critical.

Indoor Plants

There are also a plethora of indoor and outdoor plants that can trigger an airborne or contact allergic reaction in your pet. Symptoms of these reactions will usually occur seasonally and include itchy skin, excessive grooming, sneezing, rashes, and even eye discharge. Regardless of the houseplants you own, make sure you are also cautious of the potting soil as it could be harboring mold which as mentioned earlier is another major trigger to your pet’s allergies.


Cats especially can be very sensitive to smoke as it acts as a respiratory irritant. Smoke of any kind can cause these issues, including smoke from cooking. Smoke is also dirty and can leave residue on your pet’s fur that can stick to their coats the way it stocks to our clothes. Animals who live in a household of smokers are even more prone to developing atopic dermatitis which is an allergic reaction that causes itchy skin. It is important to know that because our pets want to be near us no matter our habits, we should be cognizant of how our choices can inadvertently harm their health.

If you feel like your furry friend is having an allergic reaction to something within your home, you can always try an elimination trial where you remove any new possible allergens immediately. If you haven’t added anything new to the home, then try eliminating as many possible irritants as you can to see if your pet improves. Then, you can slowly add things back in as you monitor your pet’s reactions. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding your pet and its allergies, give Cherrelyn Animal Hospital a call today at (303) 532-1258!

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