Fall Activities for You and Your Dog

Fall is upon us, and the leaves are changing, showing off their beautiful hues as we enjoy the cool breeze. There are numerous fun activities that are synonymous with the autumn season— it’s important that you enjoy them with your furry friend! From outdoor expeditions to quick and easy home projects, let’s discuss a few fall activities for you and your dog.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patches are a great spot for your pet to roam and get some fresh air while also being in a new environment. This is a great chance for you to purchase a few pumpkins for some Halloween carving or just to decorate your home. The orange scenery provided by the leaves and fruit make for stunning photos. Dress up your pet in a cozy sweater and snap some adorable photos. One thing to keep in mind is whether or not the patch allows animals on the grounds. For this fall activity it is better to call in advance to confirm!

Make Doggie S’mores

A sweet treat for your four-legged friend is the perfect way to keep them happy. This treat can especially be enjoyed when snuggling up by a warm fire. You can browse through a number of recipes online, a popular choice being this delicious-looking Food Network Magazine creation. This fall activity for you and your dog doesn’t require much and can be done along with a fall get-together. Having other pet owners over is great for the animals’ entertainment— and the dessert is the cherry on top. The important thing to note when crafting food from scratch, is that everything they consume should be free of any toxic substances. You can read up on an itemized list of off-limit foods here.

Take a Hike

To get a better view of the beautiful fall foliage, switch up your daily dog park visit by taking your companion on a trail. This allows them to feel and smell nature in a different form. Anticipate a fun fall activity while also creating a bonding experience for you and your dog. Again, it is important to make sure dogs are permitted wherever you go. Apart from that, pack your hiking bag well. You’ll definitely need a leash, tick spray, and a waste bag. If you haven’t thought about preparing your dog for the fall season, check out this previous blog post where all of the information can be found.

These are just a few fall activities to inspire you to spend a great deal of time with your dog. As the months get colder, our pets tend to experience similar depressive episodes that humans do. As such, it is important to utilize the time we have making their lives healthy and enjoyable. Autumn is a refreshing period of the year, so make sure your pets are in on the fun. If anything pertaining to your animal’s health or care should arise, do not hesitate to contact Cherrelyn Animal Hospital at 303-532-1258. Have a blast with these fall activities for you and your dog. 

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