Animal Urgent Care: Plan Ahead

Our pets are our worlds, without a doubt. Given how unexpected life gets, it is of utmost importance that we take extra precautions with our furry companions. From pests to food poisoning, we as owners have to ensure their safety in every possible way. What are some good ways to achieve this? Keep reading to learn more about animal urgent care! 

Assemble a First Aid Kit 

In the case that your pet gets injured, having a kit handy could save their life. Most accidents will require veterinary care, but performing preliminary aid could ease pain or further injury during transportation. An appropriate emergency bag should contain most of the following:

● Clean towels 

● Saline solution 

● Cotton swabs 

● Muzzle 

● Disposable gloves 

● Digital thermometer 

● Tweezers 

● Ice pack 

Keep Your Pet Calm

These urgent care situations are always high-stress, so it is crucial to decrease our pets’ agitation, if it becomes time to aid them. Be sure to get low with a dog and walk up slowly to prevent biting, a common anxiety-induced response. If you own a cat, lay a thin towel across the top of their head. This will prevent them from hurting you and cause them to feel safer. It is important to have this information under your belt, as it will prepare you to provide urgent care for your beloved pet. 

Know the Toxic Foods 

One easy fix to preventing your pet from falling ill, after eating something left around the house, is to brush up on toxic substances and keep it out of reach! Foods harmful to dogs and cats include chocolate, avocado, xylitol, raisins, and caffeine. It is also important not to leave your personal medication lying around for them to unwantedly consume. To prevent animal urgent care, review household items that should be kept away from your pet.

Telltale Signs 

Being aware of all the other preventative measures can go a long way, but you can never be too prepared. Some general signs that your animal needs urgent care include difficulty standing, pale gums, rapid breathing, and changes in body temperature. Other obvious indications include loss of consciousness, apparent paralysis, seizures, and excessive bleeding. At the end of the day, trust your intuition when it comes to your four-legged buddy, but keep in mind the signs of more immediate health issues. 

To conclude, urgent care can be done beforehand with reading up on pet care tips. You can also take further steps by getting a hold of the proper materials to soothe your animal. However, the most important aspect of securing your pet’s safety is connecting with a vet clinic. Home care is integral to protecting your beloved companion, but it is up to animal experts to fully service them and remedy them back to full health. Make you and your pet feel safe and happy by contacting Cherrelyn Animal Hospital at (303) 532-1258. 

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